Is it possible to set reminder for an update in a specific date?

Hi Guys,

I want to create an alert for the update I wrote for my items. But it only gives me 5 options to select “in 20 mins,1 hour,3 hour tomorrow or next week”

Just wonder if it’s possible to select a specific date for it. I know I can use automation to notify myself about the item once a certain date arrives. But I only want to be notified to check a specific update I wrote in a specific date instead of the item itself. Sometime one item could have multiple updates, using automated reminder works, but that means I have to go to the item after receiving the notification, go through all the updates written by different people for the item and find the one I wrote to remind myself. It’s just not straightforward enough.

So, is there a way to achieve this?

Hey @NeilWu, you bring up a great point here. I am afraid we do not currently have any native automations that will notify you to check a specific update when a date has passed/arrived. I apologise for the setback here and will mention this internally with our team :pray:

Thanks Bianca, hopefully we can see some updates regrading this issue in the near future.

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