Is a spec-compliant GraphQL implementation?

@dipro -As I improve my graphQL knowledge and apply that to, it will be helpful to know whether has a spec-compliant GraphQL server implementation. (helps to know whether there are untapped tools at my disposal).


Which tools are you looking at?

Our API is compliant with the spec, but AFAIK some tools are pretty opinionated about what kinds of GQL schemas will work with them (eg Relay). So your mileage may vary…

PS: Moved this to a new topic since it’s moved away from the original discussion :+1:

Thanks. (and yep - thanks for moving the discussion to separate thread). I was asking less with regards to tools and more from server side implementation.

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My experience is that is deviates some - particularly in how it reports errors.

Also, a number of deviations are being corrected in API 2023-10 - namely IDs are moving to ID type rather than Int because the IDs were exceeding 32-bits, and also it will no longer accept empty parenthesis or strings without quotes.

Beyond that, I’ve had success converting the introspection schema to typescript types using codegen. Though not totally happy with the output.

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