Is there a way to bulk clear inbox notifications?

Our Monday platform is running very slowly lately. I’ve archived a ton of stuff but that hasn’t helped. Is there a way to bulk clear all of my inbox notifications? I don’t use it much so there are more than 2000 messages in there. I’m wondering if it will help speed things up if I clear them all out and I’m looking for a way to do that quickly without clicking the blue checkmark 2000 times. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hey! While there’s no way to bulk clear all inbox notifications, check out this video for a trick of how to do it quickly:


That worked great - thank you so much!

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

That’s awesome Emily. Any fancy trick for clearing the notifications in the Bell icon?


I’m wondering the same thing… bulk clearing notifications in the bell icon.

We are now using the bell notification for PRIORITY ONLY updates. So, if a pulse is changed to HIGH priority that person is alerted in the notifications section.

But previously, every board was notifying you of a “done” “new pulse” simply because you were “subscribed” and it was a lot!

So I’m trying to help myself + our team start fresh with a bulk notifications clearing.


I need this too. Did you solve it?

Nope unfortunately not.

Marikie Pelser
Industrial Psychologist

How did you manage to get only PRIORITY notifications here? This would be awesome.
I am going crazy of the automation-robot telling me which actions I did (new items that I added myself for example)

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Also looking for a way to bulk delete bell notifications…

Sorry, I didn’t see this. If you’re still needing help:

we turned off all other notifications from boards in the automation center but created a notification: “when priority changes to HIGH, notify person.”

So we use the notifications as “emergency” or “todo rn” types of things. It doesn’t stop the “reply” from an update that someone comments on but it still drastically decreased the amount of notifications youd get.

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Hi Emily - I am excited to watch the video, but seems like the link isnt active anymore? Any way I can access it? Appreciate your help!

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I made another video for you! Here you go: You can clear your inbox board by board, which makes it go a bit faster. Let us know if this helps!


Awesome idea. Thanks for the tip, I will use this on several boards.


Thanks Emily - that is an awesome trick!

Do you have a similar work around to clear the “Bell notifications” (alerts sent via the automations?). Thanks for your help!

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@Emily Did anyone ever get a solution to bulk clearing out the bell notifications?

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