Ability to silence Inbox items from specific boards

In my “Inbox View Options” I would like to be able to silence many of the boards that are creating “noise” in my inbox. This would be similar to the notifications options that already exist.

In the current options, I do not wish to switch over to items where “I was Mentioned” as I want to see everything on a select few boards. However, I do not want to see every item for boards where I have no interest on a routine basis. Today, I end up having to clear or acknowledge hundreds of inbox items when I may only really have 20 that I will read from select boards.

The fastest way for me to clear out the noise is to click each individual filter and then select “close all”. However, this is terribly inefficient with so many boards making noise.

I have this same issue.

I use the Inbox as my To-Do list. I previously set up various boards that I am no longer actively working on, but there’s no way to remove those notifications without going through every individual item to unsubscribe. That’s more inefficient than having to weed through the Inbox to close all unnecessary tasks.

For those boards where I don’t need constant updates, I’m no longer a board member and have tried only getting notifications for mentions and assigns (preferable) as well as trying muting all notifications (not ideal), but in all cases I still get Inbox notifications.

I agree, it’s just noise.