Inbox - In the "Filter by Board" list - Can "Subitems of" boards just be part of their Main Parent Boards?

I just keep running into this stumbling block every time I’m really digging through the Inbox – which is becoming the best way to find things. :raised_hands:

In the Inbox, it would be so great to have the subitem updates together with the item updates for the same board.

Currently they are separated in the Inbox “Filter by Board” into BoardName and “Subitems of BoardName”. This is actually pretty confusing when you’re looking through the updates because you have to choose whether you want to filter view items OR subitems when most of the time I think you’d want both together.

And then of course when you’re looking at the board list is so cluttered and hard to zero in on what you want with all the duplicates starting with “Subitems of”

I think this would really help make it clearer what the inbox is doing. (along with the full breadcrumbs on Subitems)