Email notices don't show full path Board -> Item -> Sub-Item, so you don't know exactly what the topic is

When we receive updates via email, the top of the email doesn’t show the exact structure of the Board - in particular it’s missing the Item and goes straight to the Sub-Item. In our case, the Item is what tells us the Client, so without it, we often have no idea who the email is about. While it’s true that someone else might have a structure where the Board tells you the client, it seems like you’d want Board → Item → Sub-Item by default anyway, so as to communicate the structure.

Hopefully this is fairly straightforward to implement.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 6.00.52 AM

I agree with this suggestion. When getting notifications, or even when viewing the My Work screen, you’re unable to see the parent item. Our team has implemented a protocol to include a reference to the parent item in the subitem description, but that doesn’t always provide enough context.

I second that. This happens to the subitems dates in the calendar too. It only shows the name of the subitems without referencing the name of the item. As our company uses the subitems as tasks of the item, it would be great if we can have the name of the item included in the subitem.


can you please share your experiences as you mentioned “protocal” to cover this hole from Monday?

is there any way we can push Monday development team to look into this issue?

I have the same issues and provided feedback to Monday but it seems they dont have timeline to improve this one yet!