Better "bread crumbs" for subitems in the Inbox (and other places)

When looking at something in the Inbox, the breadcrumbs (or whatever you call them) that show you the board name and the item/subitem name don’t include the parent item when the activity is on a subitem. This makes it hard to pinpoint what the subitem is for, especially if you have subitem names that show up under multiple items.

Currently it shows:

[board name] > [item or subitem name]

This is fine for top-level items, but for subitems, it should show up as:

[board name] > [item name] > [subitem name]

Example - instead of:

  • Design Projects > Mailer
  • Design Projects > Mailer
  • Design Projects > Mailer

I’d love to see:

  • Design Projects > Christmas > Mailer
  • Design Projects > January Launch > Mailer
  • Design Projects > Family Conference > Mailer

Yes! Subitem breadcrumbs appear to skip both the Group and Item.

This creates a lot of general confusion for us because we intentionally leave out a lot of info in the subitem name since it’s already there on the item.

If you’re viewing an ITEM update in the inbox, it currently shows

Board > Group > Item

But a SUBITEM update only shows

Board > Subitem

Wish it went all the way and showed

Board > Group > Item > Subitem


I absolutely agree. We have the same issue in our company. On the one hand, it is NOT possible to auto-pre-populate a Sub-item’s name with the PARENT item’s name. On the other Hand, if my colleagues look at their inbox, they would not see to which particular Parent item an Update was written to.

To make a long story short. There are 2 ways to make this work for the MONDAY team. Either change, as suggested above the view to Board > Group > Item > Subitem.
Or (better AND) give the users the possiblity to auto-populate subitem’s names with their Parent item’s name. I think this is a very highly requested and not too complicated feature?

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