Isn't is a problem that our "Community" accounts aren't necessarily linked to our Business accounts?

How can you ensure you’re addressing key issues for major users when users in aren’t directly linked to their company platform? We’ve been struggling with several significant issues that are not getting replied to by in this “Community” platform.

My expectation was also that monday employees would be more active here, and provide support. But it seems to be primarily users helping other users.

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Hey @Paul_marcstone and @robopzet,

We hear you on this and definitely have discussed the syncing of community and accounts with our team internally. I cannot provide a concrete update for its development at this stage but can happily follow up with the team and get back to you once I hear back.

As for support, we apologise if your question has been overlooked by a member of our team. Whilst we are very active on our community forum, we also want users to feel empowered to support each other and assist where they can as its primary purpose is promote group discussion and support! That being said, our community team is here to help, so please feel free to tag me on your questions if they’ve been left unanswered :pray: