Issue with allowed column types for the built-in 'Column Changes' trigger

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I am currently navigating through the “quickstart-integrations” guide as provided in the documentation. However, I have encountered a challenge in attempting to replicate the specified trigger: “When Text Column changes” Instead, I have located the trigger labeled “When Column changes” without any apparent constraints on column type.

Upon closer examination, I observed a symbol adjacent to the trigger, suggesting the presence of a Custom Block. Surprisingly, there is no Custom block defined under triggers in the “Workflow Blocks” panel.

bult-in trigger

I would appreciate any help.

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You are correct, there is no way to customize the column filter on the built in triggers. Believe me I wish you could.

Instead you need to create your own custom trigger, with the limitation on the field. When that custom trigger subscribes, your subscription handler creates a webhook using the API. for that specific column change. Then you have a webhook handler which looks up the custom trigger from your database and sends the output fields to it (that you configured on the custom trigger, and get the data from the webhook).

So yes, quite a frustrating process in my opinion and one of the weaker parts of the app development process.


Thank you for your prompt response and valuable insights.

As a newcomer to, your suggested solution is certainly a workable approach. However, I’m mindful that this would incur an additional Automation action credit for the webhook, besides the intergration action.

I couldn’t help but wonder why this feature is available out of the box when using the “quickstart-integrations” template. Could it be that it was present in previous versions but intentionally removed, or was it possibly overlooked in the current version?

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It was present in previous versions of the apps framework, but removed, I believe to ensure compatibility with the custom automations framework. Though thats speculation on my part, I don’t work for monday.

The way the custom trigger were set up long ago you could specify a monday event trigger for the custom trigger that it would create. Believe me, I wish it still existed.

As far at the automation credits, its an issue I recently raised - that webhooks created by apps that are tied to a custom trigger (maybe the requirement to specify the trigger in question) should not count as automation actions.