Column change exception on integration trigger

Hi All,

I don’t believe this is possible but keen to learn if anyone has a workaround. I have an integration set up to send a webhook when any column changes. There are multiple columns in the board where I DO need the webhook to fire, but I also have a column that changes monthly on every item where I DONT want the integration to run. Is there a way to add an exception to the trigger?

Ideally I want - when any column changes EXCEPT ‘reminder date’, send a webhook.


hi @TPL

I agree with you that it is not possible to exclude columns from “When any column change trigger”. A possible workaround is creating your own app, either with Make or by coding in any language. With apps you can create custom triggers that ask the end user to select a set of columns and then the custom trigger adds the webhook “When any column change trigger” to the board.

You should store the columnIds selected by the enduser in a database outside monday. When the trigger fires and call the app’s webhook endpoint, that part of the code can query that database to see if an action is required or not (does the trigger comes from a change in any of the configured columns). If an action is required the code post the the monday endpoint to get the action started.

Hi Bas,

Thanks for your reply. It is a shame that we cannot exclude the column within as the integration will trigger many more times than necessary. I have tried using your suggestion and have included a filter within my scenario in just after the ‘watch changes’ module. This should now only process the rest of the scenario for specific columns so will hopefully save me processes at the side at least!