Issues accessing Updates / Status columns on iPad app?

Hey all, I am having some issues with the team and being able to click on / access certain items in the app… wondering if anyone else has experienced this or not?

Every team member has a dashboard setup. Within the dashboard is a daily update table.

Everyday the team member logs in and provides an update (1). They then expand the task to show their KPI’s, they then update these KPI’s (2).

I’ve found the updates work if you access the master table (not from within the dashboard)… but I can’t seem to be able to click on and update the status column still.

Any ideas?


Hey @DannyP!

That sounds like a permission issue to me. What type of account do you guys have - basic, standard, pro, or enterprise?

We use dashboards like this for our team and our clients, and issues like this usually come back to permissions.

@greg_elevate any other thoughts with this one?

Tanner Consultant

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