Item cards - not include all columns in newly created text widgets and not include new columns in already existing text widgets


When adding new columns (Long Text in this case) to your board you need to manually unselect all of those in each text widget in the Item card. There´s also no way of selecting/unselecting several columns at a time. This makes no sense to us as one column only will be displayed in one place (as we use one column per text widget to structure up the columns). Is there any way to get around this? Within our annual plans we have near 30 columns that we need to unselect every time we create a new text widget and it´s really annoying. We´d like to:

  • Not include ALL columns within newly created text widgets. It would make more sense to us if none were marked and you have to select the ones you´d like to display (instead of manually unselect 29 columns)
  • When a new column is created we´d like to not include those within already existing text widgets as we need to manually unselect those in all our text widgets (we have a lot) everytime a new column is added.

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