Items_page query takes too long

I am trying to get all the item IDs and names for a board by using items_page (limit:100) with the cursor to get 100 items at a time, and each query can take anywhere from 3-5 seconds. I only have ~1200 entries right now, but if it is this slow right now, I am worried that it won’t scale. Using the deprecated {boards (ids: $boardID) {items {}} was much faster and accomplished the same thing.

Anyone else having this problem or know a better way of getting all the item IDs and names?

Try upping the limit to 500 per items_page, since this will minimize overhead making the requests.

Then for subsequent queries use the root query next_items_page rather than items_page within a board to reduce API complexity and cut out the boards resolver (which adds time and API complexity usage).

I don’t understand how, but the 500 limit query is faster than a 100 limit query. It executes in < 1 second!

Thanks for the recommendation. For some reason I was under the impression that items_page had a 100 item limit.

You could also have just hit a bad time where there was a lot of platform load during your previous testing. Sometimes it happens.

The limit of 100 was during the preview period because they had not deployed servers for full capacity yet. Also all root queries have a limit of 100, so thats the root items query as well. next_items_page is a single object returned with 500 items within in it.

Definitely use next_items_page, it reduces API complexity, which means your app is less likely to get rate limited for an account.