Labeling and Organizing Webhooks

Is there a way to label and organize webhooks rather than just see Webhook URL options? There’s no way to to tell which webhooks are intended for what integromat scenarios.


It would be great if there was! I gave up on that a long time ago.

What I do now is always act as though every webhook is new, pasting the “new” webhook value every time. It will add it if it really is new. If it already exists, it just uses it. It will not be added to the list a second time.

Also, it’s a good idea to add a description on the recipe to make note of what it’s doing.

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I was doing that for awhile until I created a “New Client Onboarding Form” that created new boards within client workspace. I needed to use the same webhook across several different boards so they fed into the same Integromat scenarios.

I think I’m just going to create an Admin Workspace with a Board that labels and maintains all of my webhooks. I’m probably pushing 30-40 different webhooks at this point.


That’s a lot of webhooks. Are all of them doing something different?