Let's Chat App is here, increase the communication between your team

Our app is released to marketplace and it’s a communications and collaborations real-time chat messaging tool, and we are ready for your feedbacks.

The App functions like mention someone, emojis, notifications, add items to the text messages and preview the items.
We are working to release new features like voice messages and send images.

And send notification for the mentioned users if they are offline and more features.

We build it because when we were managing our team, we often needed to communicate within monday.com to point out items and send quick feedback, hence the idea to build an internal communication app that supports some Monday features like notifications, and item previews.

You can test it on your account by installing it from marketplace: Install Let’s Chat App

Here is the app on our website: Elastic Day - Let’s Chat App

The credit card is not required to use it, we have a free plan.
Also the personal information, account details or items are not store in our end.

We are waiting your feedback about new features and UI improvements because we need to test our new UI before implement it.

Thanks :blush: :pray: !

Hi Is there any cost in using your plugin? How much does it cost for a team of 5 people?