Limitation of 10,000 donations per Board

Hi, I understand that there is a limitations of 10,000 items (donations in our case) per Board.
Even if we upgrade to Enterprise, 20,000 donations won’t be enough for a total number of donations in the tens of thousands over 8 years.

Is there a workaround to overcome this limitation? Note that some data from the Donations Board mirror back to the Donors Board.

One big thing to be aware of is that monday db will be increasing the limits substantially over the coming year. Next year they anticipate up to 100K items per board (may require additional payment, such as Enterprise). They are planning in 2025 to be able to offer 1M items per board. This is of course subject to change.

There is another limit, which is the number of item linkages per board. Every item linked to by a board counts as one - so if each donor has 20 donations, and you have 500 donors - you will reach the linkage limit of 10K on one board.

What I recommend is looking at yearly board sets, then a dashboard to aggregate the donors boards.

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Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t aware of the limit in item linkage. This is a real issue. This will apply at the Donor Board level, right? (linking multiple donations to a donor).
We have +8,000 donors since 2016 and +50,000 associated donations.

Do you think that by creating multiple Donor Boards (e.g. A-N, O-Z for instance) and multiple Donations Boards (2020,2021 etc.) I can solve this issue?

Last question: how much costs the Enterprise license for Non Profits?

That comes out to about 1200 donors per year, and about 8000 donations per year.

If you divide it, you should be able to make it work for the time being. But you’ll need probably 7-10 alphabetical segments with 50,000 donations due to the need to add 1000 donation links per year per alpha-segment.

The goal here to make it until mondayDB 2.0 comes out, and alleviates much of the pain.

That said, consider an alternate structure of a main donors list board, annual donors board, and annual donations board. The annual donors board pulls donor data from the main donors list, and aggregates the annual donations by donor. Then you can use a dashboard to aggregate the annual donations boards to see total donations by donor. This structure may be easier to scale up.

My expectation is these limits are going to go up (way up) in the new year sometime. But this is speculation based on the stated objectives of around the mondayDB 2.0 (100K items per board)

As far as pricing for Non-profit enterprises, that is something I cannot answer since I am not a employee. (Just a fellow user). The sales team can definitely help out though!


Thanks Cody, very helpful!