Linked columns not working in the monday app


We use a linked column to another board where our users can choose something from that board. This works fine in the desktop app, but not in the mobile phone app. Nothing happens when you click on it. Is this a known bug? Something I have to enable?
Thanks in advance for any help.


The mobile app does not support this feature. It’s quite frustrating.

Thanks for the reply Mike :slight_smile: Yes, very frustrating. We have made a board where people out in the field can record hours used on different projects, the fact they cant choose a project really makes it difficult. We even tried using monday just in a web browser, but monday just gives a message, go back to the desktop og download the app. Not really helpful.


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There is a workaround to use Monday on mobile. Open it up in a Private window. This is what we do on our iPads. Not sure if you are on iOS or Android, but iOS apps are way to far behind the web version in functionality.

Hi Mike, Its a shame… we are new to monday and people expect to be able to use whatever device they want. Not easy to implement something where you have to tell your users that they can only do half the job whilst out and about, the rest you have to do on your desktop. We are using mobile phones and monday doesn’t give the option of the web version, you just get a message “go back to your desktop or download the app”… not really helpful.

I appreciate this suggestion would probably add more work than the workaround you already have in place but if they’re despearate to record hours on a mobile device you could look at making a new board and adding a form view. You could give the link to your people and have them enter in the number of hours, name of project and any relevant notes. Obviously the gap then is recording the info to the actual project board but with cross-board automations you might be able to find a decent enough solution.

Thanks for the suggestion Krishele. Choosing the date and hours works fine, its that the project column that is a link to another board that is the problem.