Mirrored column values not loading in the destination unless the origin linked boards are visited

We have timesheet boards for a bunch of employees in one workspace, and Job Entry boards in another workspace.

The values of hours worked from the timesheets are mirrored in the Job Entry boards, and their wages are calculated in the Job Entry board.

Whenever we open Monday, all the links and formulas in the Job Entry boards show errors because the mirrored column values show up blank/empty. To fix that, we have to go to every timesheet manually and open it, which I’m assuming fixes it because of the way Monday fetches data into the browser tab’s memory.

Is there a way around this? Does anyone else face this issue? I’ve tried it on Chrome, Edge, and even the Monday windows app.

Hi @ankit

I’m having a similar issue with dashboard widgets that feed on formula columns, especially those within subitems. Initially, the dashboard appears as if there is no data, but when you go to each board and check it out, it seems like it’s doing a refresh, and then everything seems ok.

I’m curious to find out if it’s related to your observation, as it would not be ideal for each user to open each board to make the widget works.

Hey @ankit and @nguz, thanks for posting about this, and I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues with the mirrored and formula columns! I would recommend writing to support@monday.com so that we can offer more tailored troubleshooting there. In general monday.com is optimized for Google Chrome. :slight_smile: