LinkedIn Post through Corporate Page as an Admin: Is it Possible?

Hi everyone! I need help with integrating LinkedIn and Monday. Right now, I have LinkedIn integrated with my personal LinkedIn account that creates a post on LinkedIn when a date arrives.

Our company is using this method to keep a consistent and organized social media presence in the LinkedIn community.

However, we want Monday to post it on our company’s page in LinkedIn. The company page was created through our CEO’s personal account, so it is not a standalone account. He added me as a group admin to the company page in LinkedIn, but I’m not sure how I can set it up so that Monday posts on the company LinkedIn page and not my own. Any ideas or ways to get around this? Or will we have to create a special, standalone account for the company?
Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi @sheck! We actually were dealing with the same thing last week, but we found an article about the integration on the support blog, and it looks like that integration only works with personal pages for now :frowning:


That’s what I was worried about. Thank you for sharing your findings! Sounds like it’s worth creating an item to vote on for a potential future update to the LinkedIn integration tool.

Is your team creating a standalone account for your company then? I’m wondering if that will be the closest option for now.

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