LinkedIn Integration Posting via Individual Member Accounts - Validation Needed

Hi everyone! I’m looking for confirmation that my approach to integrate LinkedIn with each of my team’s accounts will work.

The board column details:

The automation:

The result:

The current set-up shown above works, hence the “LinkedIn Post” column on the far right of my board that automatically added when I set up the automation.

My question: If I go into each of my team member’s individual accounts and link their LinkedIn profile on their own individual boards that do the same thing, will it work for everyone or will only post to one LinkedIn account?

I ask because in my account, I am restricted to tying to only one LinkedIn account. I wish I could have multiple accounts to choose from, but I believe each team member’s accounts can only be logged in to one account at any point in time. Meaning I can’t select my LinkedIn account for the LinkedIn -SH board and then select another member’s LinkedIn account for the LinkedIn-CK board without logging out of my account and setting it up separately in the other team member’s account.


I haven’t been able to figure out how to get Monday to publish an image in the created post. Would you mind sharing how you did it?

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