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I would like to ask for tips and/or advice on managing multiple employees on Monday.com boards. We have a flow of multiple automations between several boards based on our company’s requirements. But how we have it set up is that we have to create these automations manually for each employee we hire. So, for example, there are 4 boards each with 10 automations and 2 integrations for EACH employee, then we need to create the same automations for every single employee that joins the company (or delete each automation manually if the employee leaves the company). This is a bit too much to manage and requires a lot of hands-on work and I would appreciate ideas on how to solve these issues creatively. Creating automations for each user without manual implementation / creating them manually each time a new user joins organization. Would love advice or free apps and/or integrations would be preferable, but also open to better alternatives if they have a cost.

Thank you in advance for your help/ideas!

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Without knowing what the automations are, I cannot really provide any accurate insight. If you could post one/some or send them to me privately, I would be more than happy to help!

As a general advice, it would be best not to assign specific people to automations, but using People columns, which allows you to reuse the same automation without any changes ( the automation would work for the person assigned at the people column).

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Depending on the types of automation, you could utilize teams as well.

This works great for notification automations, see below for an example.

Then you would just need to add or remove employees from the team(s) and it would apply to the automations that are associated with that team.

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