Looking for a CRM integration for a magazine publishing company

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I am an operations manager of a regional magazine publishing company and we are looking for a CRM sales integration that works well with monday.com. Does anyone have recommendations as a similar operating company? I’ve looked briefly into hubspot and pipedrive but would like to gather some more insight before making a recommendation to my team.

Hey Maria! Those are great integrations! A lot of our CRM users also like using the Copper or Salesforce integrations. You can find all of them (and scroll down to the CRM-specific ones) here: monday.com integrations

You can click into each integration on that page to learn what it can do and how to set it up.

Let us know what you think!

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Hey @mariata !

A lot of monday com users are enabling Salesforce CRM integration to automate sales workflow. With this integration, your sales admins or managers can have a comprehensive viewpoint and organize several sales functions with ease. Along with visibility, cooperation becomes easier, and end-user problems can be resolved instantly. This way, you can enhance user engagement with your brand. Moreover, your sales team can design and deploy tailored dashboards that provide a complete picture of brand performance in the market based on key metrics like inbound sales, user behavior, marketing segments, market dynamics, and others.

If you’re looking to implement salesforce integration, hire dedicated experts, who have deep experience in monday CRM integrations. Through effective approaches, consultants can interconnect two platforms with better synchronization.

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