Looking for a Monday.com expert

We are using Monday.com but I think are scratching the surface on what the program can do. We need help with better implementation and training. You can reach me at steve@edringtonandassociates.com.

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Hi @stevenedrington - welcome to the community! We would love the opportunity to discuss this further with you. We have reached out to the email you mentioned.

Also - I have moved this to the Hire an Expert category for better visibility for you.

Thanks Steven,

Appreciate the opportunity @stevenedrington,

Thanks for your message. Looking forward to connecting next week.

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I appreciated your email @stevenedrington. Looking forward to see how the team at CarbonWeb can possibly help out.

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Ricky Tomer

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Hi Steven,

Welcome to the forums - I have dropped you a line, we’re a global Monday.com ‘Gold’ partner and have packages available specifically for helping unlock the power of the platform.

Adam Reavill | Senior Business Consultant
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Please click here to schedule a meeting with me.

Hey @stevenedrington

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Neelam B
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