Looking for a way to display subitems and status in a dashboard

Hi all, I am looking for a way to report on sub item status within an item on a dashboard. For example, our projects have workstreams and one of those workstreams is called “Provider Network”. We use this to source providers for service categories. The items are the categories, so for example: couriers, security, lab, etc and then the sub items are the providers (usually 3-4 are considered). I’m struggling to find a great way to represent this to our customers from monday without having to show them the main board which can get clunky/distracting with everything else.

To summarize, this is the setup and I’m looking for reporting on the status of the sub item:
Group: Provider Network
Item: Provider Category
Sub item: Provider

Tagging Sub-Items:

  • In your Provider Network group, create a tag column to categorize sub-items (providers) based on their status. For example, you can have tags like “In Progress,” “Completed,” “On Hold,” etc.

  • Apply the appropriate tag to each provider based on their current status.

Status Column for Provider Categories:

  • Within each item representing a provider category (e.g., Couriers, Security, Lab), add a status column to track the overall status of providers within that category.

  • Use status labels such as “Pending,” “Active,” “Completed,” etc., depending on your workflow.

Dashboard Configuration:

  • Create a new dashboard specifically for reporting on Provider Network status.

  • Add widgets to the dashboard to visualize the data.

You can use the following widgets:

  • Show the status of each provider category using the status column values.

Tag Widget:

  • Display a tag cloud to visualize the distribution of provider statuses (e.g., In Progress, Completed).

  • Item Counts Widget: Show the count of providers in each status category (e.g., In Progress: 3, Completed: 5).

  • Display a table with Provider Category as rows and Sub-Item (Provider) as columns, showing their respective statuses.

Customize Dashboard Views:

  • Customize the dashboard views to focus on the Provider Network without displaying unrelated information.

  • You can hide columns or widgets that are not relevant to the Provider Network reporting.

Sharing with Customers:

  • Once your dashboard is set up, you can share it with your customers by generating a shareable link or inviting them to view the dashboard within.
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  • Customize the access permissions to ensure that customers only see the relevant Provider Network data without access to sensitive information or other boards.

By following these steps and leveraging tagging, status columns, and dashboard features, you can create a clear and focused report on the status of sub-items within your Provider Network for easy sharing with customers.

Hey @ElisabethWilds , what I’d do is use Same Item Multiple Boards and send all the subitem into another board as regular items. Then you can create a dashboard view based on those items :slight_smile: