Dashboards using sub-items

Hi monday team!
before starting using sub-items we managed our software development team using really powerful dashboards to visualize and gamify our daily and sprint-wise work.

We have shifted to sub-items as it helps us organize our work in epics/projects. For planning purposes we have won a lot, but we have lost the super-useful dashboards for managing our team as the product owner is set at item level and assignees are set at sub-item level.

Now that we are fully remote, this is having a tough impact in our productivity.

We can’t give a good use of your visualization capabilities. We really have lost engagement with a few members of our team as we can’t feed dashboards using sub-items.

I haven’t seen it at your roadmap for sub-items. Any plan?


+1 on this feature request


Sub-tasks seemed like a nice idea at first, especially visually, but it seems so disconnected from all the other features… now I’m kind of regretting the usage w/ my team.


SO many other task tracking tools also have this issue and I cannot figure out what brainworm seeped into the ground water of PM tool developers to make this happen. It feels like a conspiracy,

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+1 for the feature request of being able to show stats of subtasks in dashboards. Beside that I am curious to know how sub-items helps you organize your work in epics/projects? Can you elaborate on that? We work with epics and user stories and was thinking of using subtasks for user stories. Thanks

Hi @Eltjo,
in our production board we have a first group for the main projects/epics we are working on.

Then we have the groups for the work we will do ‘This week’ and ‘Next week’. The cards here are the break-down of epics into parts (say Epic XXX 1/3) where we write the user stories and any other explanation the development team needs to know.

The developers create their own subtasks and estimate them. Then we reorganize if estimations don’t fit our capacity.

As soon as monday allows to move sub-items between cards we will probably write the user stories at the project/epic, create sub-tasks and then reorder as we need. We are really looking forward to it!

This is how it fits us for our way of working, I guess yours will be slightly or completely different :smile:

How do you use it?

Hi @guillemarqueta

Sounds good and now I understand the need of being able to move them around. We have a slightly different setup. For each project we use

Board 1: Sprint backlog (SB)
Groups: Develop, Staging, Accept, Production
Items: Are tasks

Board 2: Product backlog (PB)
Groups: Next up, New items, Backlog
Items: Are tasks

Board 3: Epic and User Stories (EUS)
Groups: Themes
Items: Epics
Subitems: User Stories

Board 4: Sitelist / Sitemap board (SSB)
Groups: Webpages, Elements / components
Items: Pages or elements / components

Board 5: Product roadmap
Groups: Business, Product, Marketing, People
Items: Deadlines, Milestones, Meetings, vacations etc

We are using the Link to item column to link from our SP and PB to connect them to the items and Epics on the Sitelist and Epics and User Storie boards. This gives the tasks on our PB and SP an ‘category’ and with that sorting capabilities.

We have b-weekly refinement sessions to prepare our upcoming sprint. The refinement is being done from our Epics and User Stories and Sitelist board on epics, user stories.

To limit the amount of boards we are considering combining the PB and the SP board into one. This could be done with the filters on the view switcher in the left corner of a board. Combining the boards has pros and cons, so not sure yet.

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