Looking for basecamp integration and cost formula help

Hello community,

I have two requests for anyone who might be interested.

Basecamp Integration
I am looking for a specialist who can work with the Basecamp 3 API and feed our projects/to-dos back into Monday. We’re heavy Basecamp users and the team like the way you can note down very specific tasks and are mostly note-to-self. I am aware that there is a Basecamp integration from Monday, but I am hoping to do it the other way round, and use Monday’s advanced features to make sense of these tasks / projects into a dashboard or summary view.

Help with custom formals/tagging within Monday

The other request is to do with assigning a “cost” to a person that I can then reference within monday, to build a cost estimate for a feature. This will need to work with multiple people who are assigned to the task, and also factor in the duration of the tasks we predict.

To paint you a quick picture:

Imagine if a client came to you and asked for Feature A to be made. You discuss with your team, and you decide it can be done by Person A and B, in 17 days. Person A and B have salaries / costs attached to them (per day) and as a result, would like to automatically calculate that costs to make that feature happen, by multiplying the costs per person (on the feature) by the number of days estimated.

In an ideal world, we’d be able to use such a workflow to measure the difference between the actual time spent/costs against the estimated costs. We can also monitor if we’re in, or over budget from a baseline, and have much more exposure as to where the budget is going, and where.

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Hi @Smilenick

Welcome to the community! I’d be happy to take a look at your second request in regards to doing a formula for estimating costs based on resources assigned and hours of effort etc…

I think Monday should be able to handle this, although it may be worth exploring other tools that are more suited for this type of calculation.

Either way I’d be happy to meet with you for a free consult to discuss how to accomplish this. You can schedule a time here when it’s convenient for you Calendly - Tim Little

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Hi, @Smilenick - Welcome to the community! We have a client who we helped with a very similar business need. They are an IT consulting organization that needs to track budgeted hours of the planned resources vs. the actual resources utilized for the work, and their actual booked time. We use a combination of lookup boards (linked boards), formula columns and resource codes, and are able to pull the results to a dashboard for management tracking and analysis. It’s a bit complex but gives them very accurate and detailed tracking of their expected vs. actual profit on every project and for their portfolio in total.

I would be happy to chat with you and see how Polished Geek can help you with this and your Basecamp Integration. You can book a no-charge consultation here: Book Polished Geek: more with monday.com

Hi @Smilenick,
Welcome to the community!
We build APIs (eg. done a Xero integration), optimize monday accounts and train your staff on it! Would be happy to take a closer look at your requirements. We are based in Australia and were awarded with the APAC partner of the year 2020.

You can reach me through oliver@upstreamtech.io


Hi Nick,
All that you have described is certainly well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out on all this.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
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