One Time Email Integration

Hi we currently use basecamp to communicate with clients. When setting up user accounts for employees, that integration only happens one time. Once that is done and that user is assigned to a project in Basecamp, it knows what to do when it comes to routing emails to the client, them responding from within their email, and it storing the communication within that project and allowing the user to respond, create new threads, etc. across all projects.

It seems within Monday, Gmail integration is per board. I can’t imagine it having this limitation. Not only that, integration is tied to automations. So, using Monday as an email platform like Basecamp with one time setup like you can in Basecamp doesn’t seem doable at least with the Standard version. I have reached out to our rep who we are supposed to schedule a 45 min call with and I have not heard back from him.

Someone help us please, because we are committed to this software (I was not involved in the vetting process) and it doesn’t seem to do what we need it to do.