Integrations and templates issues


I have two integration issues and wondering if someone can help me fix it.

  1. When I make templates I would like for my Gmail integrations to follow the template. In all the boards for my compagny we have an homogeneous setup that we repeat and those Gmail integrations are part of it. For Monday to really be efficiant I would need my projet team leaders not have to write the integration everytime they create a board. Any one has any ideas?

  2. The other issue is that every time my Gmail integration sends out an email it creates an updates in the conversation section of the concerned Monday Item. I would like the emails to send out without creating those notifications in the Update sections of the Monday Items. Those notifications breaks our work flow. Any one has any ideas?

Thank you,


We’ll pass this along for consideration and would love to learn a little more about other users that may benefit from this.

Right now we are unable to offer account wide integrations as they need to match the mapping of board values to trigger as desired, but I do see how this may be helpful with certain recipes. As far as preventing the item’s update section from populating when an e-mail is triggered, this is done for certain teams who need to keep record of conversations, but I also see how the option to have choice over this may benefit teams as well so it is something else I can pass for consideration.