Gmail Integration Issues

Hi all! I’m having a Gmail integration issue and I’m hoping someone can help! I need to set up a way to have all emails SENT and received from clients, go to their perspective boards.

I set up the “When an email is received, create an item in group” automation. And that is working how it should! However, I need some way to get the emails that I (and my boss) send to clients, to go to their perspective boards as well. Not just the emails they send and their replies to our emails.

I tried to set up a “work-around” by going into the board settings and grabbing the “create items via email” email (the “for people outside of this account” one) and then going into the Gmail settings and setting up forwarding to that email. Gmail sent a “confirmation” email with the code needed, to the board, which felt like a success. But then when I tested it, it didn’t work at all, beyond that first “confirmation” email. (Which is now taunting me on that board lol)

I’m really hoping someone can help me because I am beyond frustrated! I don’t understand why Monday would set up the integration to only create items with emails that received and not sent. That logic just doesn’t make sense.