Looking to use the workdoc feature per item (files), when will we be able to create a workdoc per item from a template?


We are looking to use work docs per item to create a checklist that teams can follow. This checklist tends to be of the same format and often includes many of the same steps. Workdocs appeared to be a great option. The problem is the workdoc template appears to only be an option if you add a workdoc in a workspace, it does not work for workdoc per items.

Any idea if this is a feature that is already in the pipeline, or have i potentially missed something?

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hi @MilesRS

Maybe I am misinterpreting your question. In my account I save workdocs templates in a workspace which I use for all my templates (boards and docs). I can add those template workdocs to any item in any board in my account (in the file column). Is that not what you are looking for?

Hi @basdebruin,

Thank you for responding.

Yes that is exactly what I’m looking to do.
I’ve added the files column, when I select the field I then get the option to add files from various sources one of which is a work doc.
But I see no option to select a template.

Do you have a screenshot potentially?
I’m clearly missing something :slight_smile:

hi @MilesRS

This is the screenshot.

Then I thought: let’s check this on another account. The other account does not show this popup. When I click “New Doc” it just created an empty doc. Looks like this is rolled out to some accounts and not to others, maybe monday support can help out here.

When I click the files column (on an item) one account shows “Doc” followed by the above screenshot while the other account shows “New Doc” that just creates an empty doc.

Hi @basdebruin,

Interesting, the UI appears to look different as well so little confused as to why that would be. (i am using dark mode of course but yours appears to have different options.


So the above is for an item, i added the files column and when i drop down those are the options i see. I think that’s what you are doing your end as well but the difference in UI is confusing me a little.

hi @MilesRS

Correct. I got this same UI on my other account. Looks like you have to ask support. I remember there was an announcement on a new version of the file column and probably this is not rolled out to all accounts yet. Where this one shows “New Doc” the account which apparently got the update shows just “Doc” and when clicking that is shows the oen I showed above.

Also (but not related) I am using the new board layout. You can enable that in monday Labs.

Hi @basdebruin

I guess Monday support heard me as its just become available for me :slight_smile:
Or it happened to roll-out for me as well.

Thanks again for the response,