Adding a custom template Monday doc to file column on a created item - with possible automated add on creation

Step 1. Ability to create a template Monday doc layout - such as a onboarding checklist.
Step 2. have the ability to add this custom template to an item (project) in either a file column or mondaydoc column and be a fresh copy)
Step 3. The ability to automate that the template is added to file column when item is created.
Desired outcome: every item created within the board has a chosen Monday doc template file (new doc for each new item/project) automatically added on creation. (so every project has a blank onboarding checklist)

Reasoning: within my role I have checklist or SOP’s that are required for every new project or customer, for example, onboarding checklist (add to, send contracts, create deposit invoice, schedule planning meeting). To help me remember to do each of these tasks a checklist is useful and what would be more useful is having that logged and saved within the project (item row) so each projects onboarding process is saved within the item.

Function can be used for all kind of small repetitive tasks within a task such as customer onboarding and helps employees with direction and focus to essential tasks.

I’m looking to do something very similar, but for weekly team meetings. It’s a standard Agenda 99% of the time, so I’d like it to be there when the item is created and then it can be modified if needed.

Like you though it’d also be incredibly useful for SOPs.

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Agree, thanks for the precision of your post !

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Hi @Siobhan
Thank you for the explanation.
Would you also need to automatically populate your docs with values from the item columns?

Thanks you

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Hi Julia,

Interesting suggestion and one to certainly consider, but no not on the scenario above. The template for the purpose I would be using it for only requires a template doc with empty fields to be populated. The data collected wouldn’t be required to be collected in the item columns.

Hi All,

Following Julia’s comment i looked around at the ability to add a ‘form’ to a item line with populating fields and found the answer to my own above post step 1 and step 2 and even half of step 3!

You can create a Doc template then add this template to a file column, however this still needs to be added manually.

On attempting to create my own automation for this I found I could make the following:

When an item is created add doc to column

However only column is changeable and even then a file column can’t be chosen it only requests/allows you to add a new mondaydoc column. I followed this and its half the answer for step 3 (automatically add doc to item created) however theres not way of adding a pre-chosen doc or template which would be the next progressive step.

So instead the automation should be:

When an item is created add ‘doc’ to ‘column’.

With doc being a drop down to select doc template. You could go further and say ’ add doc only if’

Hope this is helpful all. Happy to add screenshots of how i did the above if requested.


Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 10.15.54

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This would benefit a lot of people that use Monday docs in a more automated way.


You can create a new Monday Doc column and change the settings of this column to default to your template. Then when the automation triggers and creates a new document in this column it will be your template doc. This worked for me, good luck!


Amazing this worked thank you!

Whilst this works in this scenario it’d be great to still be able to say:

When Item is Created and Type is X, Create Doc using Template Y

We have a board that stores details of regular company meetings which have a usually fixed agenda, but they are an agenda for each specific meeting type, so a single doc template doesn’t work for that :confused:


Yes I completely agree.

This is a solution I’m seeking

Hi guys, I was also looking for a way to add a doc based on different templates, dependent on an answer submitted in a form (or input into a column) and i’ve found a way that works for me:

Create two monday doc columns and set up a different template by going …> settings > edit doc template in each.

Add the automation:

" When an item is created and only if (status) is (xxx), then add a doc to (selected doc column)

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