Populate Monday docs with item and board values.

It would be awesome if we had the chance to use the item, column or board values on monday docs just as formulas work on the cells to populate data or overall content of the doc.

For example;

A document should have the option to add something like “/item/column” on the text you’re writing and by doing that, the doc will extract the data from the item and column you are specifying on the “doc command”.

That way you can have a template that says:

Hello dear /item name/client name!
Thank you for buying /item name/product

Your order will be shipped on /item name/shipping date

Hello dear Mike!
Thank you for buying a new monday account

Your order will be shipped on 08/06/23

By having something like this we would be able to create quotes, orders, receipts and many many other possibilities just by populating the items columns.

I think it can be done with a UI similar to what happens when you use the @tagmember function on docs or maybe the UI that is used when linking boards or mirroring columns.

Well, this is just an idea that will work amazing for us! Thank you to the monday team, you¿re amazing!