Populate Monday docs with item and board values.

It would be awesome if we had the chance to use the item, column or board values on monday docs just as formulas work on the cells to populate data or overall content of the doc.

For example;

A document should have the option to add something like “/item/column” on the text you’re writing and by doing that, the doc will extract the data from the item and column you are specifying on the “doc command”.

That way you can have a template that says:

Hello dear /item name/client name!
Thank you for buying /item name/product

Your order will be shipped on /item name/shipping date

Hello dear Mike!
Thank you for buying a new monday account

Your order will be shipped on 08/06/23

By having something like this we would be able to create quotes, orders, receipts and many many other possibilities just by populating the items columns.

I think it can be done with a UI similar to what happens when you use the @tagmember function on docs or maybe the UI that is used when linking boards or mirroring columns.

Well, this is just an idea that will work amazing for us! Thank you to the monday team, you¿re amazing!

Hello Mike.
Did you get an answer or useful tip about this request?



Yes! And if the doc is on a specific item, it should automatically pull the column info from that item. So it is totally dynamic and doesn’t need to be manually chosen for each doc created.

For instance, I have a board that has meeting notes. Each item is a meeting. Each item has a doc that contains the meeting notes. I would love for it to pull the name of the item as the title of the meeting in the doc, the attendees from a field, as well as the date of the meeting. I would save this as a template, and each meeting item I create, I can create a doc from this template and I wouldn’t have to retype all of this info.

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We would use Monday for our projects briefs if this was possible, each project has a brief with information that needs to be pulled from the item its attached to and needs to stay updated with that information.

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BIG +1 on this - to be able to dynamically sync fields into a Doc like this would mean that we could create important ‘notes’ which can highlight specific item information and allow for qualitative information to be provided alongside, without having issues with double handling data.

Furthermore, it would allow for users to passively double check item column values as they complete their notes


Hello to all! @agiron @JSmyers @sharonr @Domandu
Well, here we are a year after my suggestion and today I saw that Monday released something very similar that is amazing, I don’t really know how long it’s been there, but it’s really cool! :heart:

In the docs, there’s a function called “Dynamic Values” that is practically the same as what I was talking about.

I’m very happy with this feature, I think it opens up the possibility for many things with Monday docs. For those who want to understand how it works, I’ll try to explain it briefly here.

A dynamic value is a text within your document that reflects the value of some column or variable like the time, the date, or more from the item where the document is located.

To use a dynamic value in a document, you can use the character “{” to open a list of options where you can choose which value from your item you want to reflect.

It also gives you the option to reflect other general variables like the time, the date, and more.

With this, we can create documents or document templates that are filled in through the columns of the items in Monday.

I’m going to leave here some screenshots just as testimony of this feature of Monday in case someone finds this post someday. Thank you Monday.com for always listening and thinking about things for the users, you are undoubtedly the best platform that exists for working."



It seems this would only work if you are using Beta version of Monday.com as I cannot bring this up when I type {

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Cool feature, sadly not available yet to our branch.

Is this beta feature rolled out, invite only or opt- in via monday labs?

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Not seeing it on our Enterprise account as well.

I really need this feature too; it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m hopeful this will be available to me soon :neutral_face:

Happy knowing that this feature is coming.
Is there a way to know / get notification when this feature will be available or appear in Labs?

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Hi @V.B.Music,

Can you say more about how you got access to this feature?

Thank you.

The dynamic value from columns feature is very useful, but it’s entirely defeated by the fact that I can’t use it in templates, unless I’m missing something. It seems like the Monday doc templates are global, which explains why column dynamic values don’t work. Need a board-level template setting to make this feature actually usable.


That’s a great point Josiah. Use in templates is important for our use case.

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Turns out I was wrong about this…you can’t save an existing doc as a template when creating from a column, but you can create/edit the template from the column settings, which will allow you to include the dynamic values. Helpful if not straightforward.

My complaint now is that if a column is empty, the dynamic value field displays “no value” instead of displaying…nothing. Would be great to change that.


Just saw the new features email announcing that dynamic values from columns are live and can be used in templates. I tried it out and it works. Let’s gooo!

Info on using dynamic values from columns on the support page are here.

Unfortunately formula column values do not seem to be supported.

Also the fact that multiple Templates per monday docs column are not possible, or that it isn’t possible to set global templates using dynamic column values is limiting as well.

There are several marketplace apps that serve this use case a lot better still.

Also what would be needed for invoices or quotes would be the ability to display a table of related items column values

I’ve also encountered the lack of support for formula columns and auto number columns. :pensive:

And phone number columns are displayed unformatted.

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For me, this would be perfect if it was at a group level instead of just at the item level the doc is attached to…; unless I’m missing something! - great feature nonetheless!


It seems that the dynamic values are only usable when it is a column doc, you cannot add them to the template, so I can automate the creation of the doc, but every time people will have to open the doc and add the dynamic values again, am I right? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your comments!