Can I use a monday doc to make updates to columns in the item the doc is attached to?

I see that a board widget can be added to a monday doc, but what about just the item columns for the specific item that this doc is added to?

It would be great to update specific columns for the item where the doc is being use… for example, phone numbers, email, even formatted text that could go into another long form text column.

Also, I would like an automation that would insert the DOC text and updates into an update. I created an automation that says: When an status column changes to this, then create update" - and i inserted the {monday doc} column… but it creates a clickable link back to the doc. It would be great if it would just take the formatted text and phone numbers, any URL’s and insert that as the update.

Just to bump this up, I would find this extremely useful as well. It’s helpful for me to be able to see some item columns all in one nicely-formatted place, and I’d love to use a doc for that.