Monday Docs: Insert Column Data from a specified/linked Pulse item (Request)

My team has wanted an updated version of the “Updates” section for forever now. While we may never get that, we are starting to really like the possibilities with the monday docs - especially since they can be built into a File column.

Right now, the only way to integrate items from a board is by showing the entire table (I realize I can filter, but it’s still manual).

It would be fantastic if, for a workdoc created from a pulse within a file column, if you could add a field from a pulse. This would offer a ton of opportunities to level up the visuals and create a more cohesive workspace.

I imagine it would look like this:

Step 1 - Link doc to a pulse item, or multiple

Step 2 - In the doc, type {Name} or {Formula} or whatever the column name is, similar to creating a formula, and have that information automatically pull into the doc.

I am working on a new discovery form for our sales team, and the ability to have this would be incredible so that we can autofill certain formulas. This also would allow the capability of creating a doc from a form.

Another use case: Ability to create a ‘hub’ for account management teams managing a book of clients. A place to store notes, see all prior activity, budgets, etc, without having to scroll to the right for days.

An extra ‘plus’ would be the ability to edit the column data from within the doc, with a two-way sync into the columns.