Populating a template Workdoc from an Item's Columns

Hi there all,

I’m looking to try create a Monday Workdoc from an item utilising the data from the item’s columns.

In my head, the automation recipe would go something like this;

When ‘Button’ Clicked
Then ‘Create Monday WorkDoc from Template’ using ‘Selected Columns’

The ‘Selected Columns’ cell data would be within the WorkDoc to populate Dates, Names, Addresses and the like.

For full context this is within Film Production and it’s for generating Call Sheets.

Any help on this would be appriciated!



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Hey @jack_rowley :wave:

We can’t generate a monday.com workdoc straight from raw automation just yet, but what you’re describing is possible with some different apps/integrations - you’ve got options here.

We recommend checking out Docugen, GeoQuotes and PandaDocs to get you started.

Feel free to drop us an email and discuss if you need support and assistance!

PandaDoc Pricing Page

Easy Mondays :slight_smile:

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