Machine-to-machine communication and user tokens


Is there any option for giving access to the GraphQL API to an external service (not to a user)?

I have a custom slack bot which I would like to give access to Monday. As far as I could read the only way to do this is creating a dummy user and using their token.

Since is the bot service who is creating the item, it is not attached to any user. I would expect having a service token for this and representing it in the activity log similar to the Monday Forms.

Thanks for your help!


Hey @alexhermida - welcome to the community!

Unfortunately at this time you are correct - you would need to use a user and their API token. That being said I can definitely see how something like a service token would be useful - I’ve gone ahead and passed the feedback over to our dev team.


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Hi @dsilva,

Thanks for the quick answer, hopefully there was something in a near future.


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