Make Guests Members of Workspaces

Excited to see Guests being added to Teams in the roadmap! Would really like to also see the ability to make Guests a member of a Workspace.

For example, if you have vendor partners you work with on a recurring basis for projects it would be better to create a Workspace with the default membership than having to add them to every board you create.

When Teams are in play, we can add the guests to a Team or Sub-Team and make that Team the member of the workspace for the greatest flexibility

Hey @philip.beaudoin!

I will follow up with our product team as to whether we have any updates on the ability for guests to join workspaces. I will circle back here as soon as I hear back - thanks in advance for your patience :pray:

Hi @philip.beaudoin, just an update on this one - I have spoken with our product team and transparently this isn’t a feature on their immediate list however it is something they might consider later down the track. I will be sure to send updates your way as they come to me!