Assigning Team Member to a Specific Project/Board

Good Day All,

I am new to Monday.

We have several projects going on in different cities (created a board for each project) and are attempting to invite team members to specific city project.

Also, we only need the main person (Chair) for each project to be the team member in that city. Are we also able to invite the rest of the team as guests of that project where the chair can assign the project to them?

Please advise.


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Hey @HNC-CEO ! - Welcome to monday community :grin:

First, you can create a team for each city. This will make it simpler as you would be able to seamlessly assign a team to its project :relaxed:

The rest of the team can be invited as guests, all you need to do is creating a shareable board, see

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Can Guests be added into Teams now

Hey @Krishele - The guests cannot be added into teams, yet.
Could you please share your use-case with us? I’d love to forward your input to our dev team as validation :slight_smile:

I’ve sent my use case on a topic previously with that same question. I asked if it was now available because of part of your response above.

Hey @Krishele
Sorry - by the rest of the team, I meant the rest of the staff or anyone else who could be working on that project.

The Entity of the team is not enabled for guests, the assumption is that guests are individuals and do not usually work in teams. Still, if you are writing an update, you can the @mention the guests only:

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Okay that’s fine. That’s where I thought the platform was at but was hoping the update had come through. Will just wait I guess :grin: