Managing conflicts with physical resourses

is it possible to have a resources board with items such as 'vehicle 1, vehicle 2 etc connected to boards with jobs that will need said resources but will show warning if the resource request clashes with vurrent allocation.

and, a problem with calander view. if there are two seperate timelines say 1-5 april and 15-17 april. calander view shows 1-17th april.

Hey Mark! It sounds like a connect boards column and a couple of mirror columns could be useful here! You could use a status column like “In use” for the vehicles and then mirror this column and the date column into another job board so you know what dates the vehicles are being used.

Then, you could set up an automation in the initial board that resets the status column and date column once the date passes so that in the job board, the mirrored columns show the vehicle is available when the date is not current.

Does this sound like something that could be helpful?