Managing Real Estate

We are evaluating for managing the multitude of communications and task that a Real Estate Agent has in order to list, market and sell a property.
Of particular interest to us is the Guide - “Managing Real Estate on” dealing with Properties, Contacts, Interactions and Agent Task Management Boards. I have found an example of the Agent Task Management Board under the Managing Real Estate Guide, however I cannot find an example of the Interactions Board under any of the other Real Estate Guides. Can anyone tell me where I might find an example of an Interactions Board to manage correspondance with contacts.
How do you schedule calls, meetings and other events directly from the Interactions Board using the Calendar View? Also how are tasks from the Interactions Board automatically transferred to the Agent Task Management Board?
The Real Estate Guides are terrific at explaining what is possible but we currently need help with how to do it for our evaluation of the software package.
John Roberts

Hi @johncrob - Did you see the corresponding Guide here? It was just released on Saturday so you may not have seen it yet. While there is no link to the interactions board template you referred to, it does have some more details about communications and the Gmail integration.