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Anyone else in real estate using Looking for advice/to share ideas about how to use for the entire transaction process and also as a CRM. Would be open to hiring a consultant who has worked with other real estate professionals as well.

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We do have some existing resources for using monday for Real Estate companies!

Check out this informative guide which will walk you through setting up the following workflows:

  • Managing your properties
  • Managing your contacts list
  • Logging your interactions

You can also download pre-made templates by going to your Template Store and searching for “Real Estate.” We would also like to note that you have the option to take on-the-go using our mobile app :slight_smile:

Lastly, be sure to check out our live or on-demand webinars here:

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Hi @Sarah3723, many property management and RE investments companies use Moneylogz for to sync their financial transactions, mortgage balances and payments from any of thousands of supported financial institutions, straight into boards.

Extremely useful for companies who have to keep track of hundreds of mortgage accounts / financial accounts.