Monday for the Mortgage Business?

Hey All

I just stumbled across Monday and had a question for some of you pros!

I own a small business mortgage brokerage. I was thinking about using Monday for our Loans in Process. It would be for our customers that decide they want to use our company, and we would use Monday to pass the loan through stages a-z between 3 different team members.

Instead of emails on updates of stages we can come to the board and know what needs to be done without having to email one another or unneeded communication and a central location to brief the customer on where their loan is in the process.

Based on this brief discussion does Monday sound like a good fit for a mortgage business.

I’m wondering it its possible to push some of the data from our CRM or a webhook to Monday VIA Zapier once the loan has been originated (the customer states they want to move forward) vs manually entering it into Monday.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @rickyy - welcome! Yes, can be used for loan tracking and processing. You might find this case study interesting:

You didn’t mention which CRM you are using, but you can use Zapier with monday. And you could have a custom app built to achieve exactly what you want, if Zapier isn’t quite what you need.

You can see Zapier triggers and actions for monday here:

Thanks for this info. We use Active Campaign. That would be great if I could push some of the data VIA zapier and a webhook into Monday vs manual data entry.

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We build Monday apps for real-estate firms to manage their clients. Have you found what you were looking for?