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Hi community,

We are running a fintech company at Debito – – where we handle payments from customers from integration with accounting systems, financial overview, dunning procedures and finally handling debt collection claims.

We are thinking of using as an admin panel for our employees, so handling of debt collection claims will be performed here instead of in our own admin. Everything else is handled in our backend.

My thoughts would be to integrate through the Monday API and let our app here interact with our database to add relevant actions directly in our database.

Has anyone experience with a similar solution and can provide any tips?

hi @christoffer,

There are some unknowns in your question, hence, apologies if the answer is too vague.

Yes, it can be done as it is a standard process with incoming and outgoing triggers.

Long read:
In a nutshell, what you have is that there is an incoming data either via emails or other way that is transformed into a task in monday with relevant metadata. This is one debt claim. Then this task is moved according to your process using labels or dropdown fields (maybe some other field) between states until it reaches the state of triggering your app via a web hook probably.

In general, if above is 80% right, then it can be done via Monday. You might want to consider some options here like using Integromat along the way - this will convert to a API component which you can replace later without changing other components (e.g. your app will work with Integromat API or web hook thus abstracting the debt handling process into a set of notifications and triggers).

Need to know more about the process to help you in detail.

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Thank you very much, @ilia510 !

Sorry for the unknowns in my question, but I you more or less pointed out where my next steps should be. We are still in an investigation stage, but I will get back if we need more clarification.

I will check out Integromat – it seems like something we could benefit from.

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