Monday as a CRM tool

Hi Everyone,

I run a function space and deal with load of enquiries. Less now from COVID, but it has been the perfect time to work on automating everything.

This is just a little piece on my workflow so far(just dealing with enquiries). I have struggled every step of the way as a non-coder but the community and monday support have been helpful and I have managed to get to a point that is worth sharing IMO.

Tools that I have used:

  • Monday
  • Zapier
  • @upitchika HTML email app
  • Playstore sms forwarding app called “SMS to phone/mail - auto redirect”

The flow of the initial enquiry:

  • Trigger; Leads enquire on Our Website, HCS, Tag venue Or Venuenow
  • Automation; Leads are updated as a new line item on our monday board. Columns are updated such as “time and date of enquiry, requested booking date, how many people, same, number, email, lead location”
  • Automation; An update is added to that lead with the customer comments and all the information in 1 spot in a neat format for an easy read before the first call.
  • Automation; all board users are notified of the new lead
  • Manual; first user to get to lead assigns themselves.
  • Automation; lead moved from unassigned group to either “set date OR flexi date” group
  • Manual; lead is read and understood, a call attempt is made.
  • Manual; a long text box is filled out with some personal info from the booking or answering a specific question, another long text box is for adding call notes from initial phone call if there was one.
    -Trigger; a status is changed to “initial email send”
  • Automation; an email follow up is sent with the long text content in it to personalise it from a template looking email and to share the call notes with the customer.
  • Automation; the sent email is updated in the status section
  • Manual; A text is sent to tell them to check junk mail and to confirm they have the users number
  • Automation; text message is added to the update of that lead
    -Manual; stage status is updated to “awaiting initial response OR call stage” depending on if they answered or not.
    -Manual; Next action item status is set to required next action (usually “follow up”) then the date is set to when it should be conducted.
    -Automation; notification is sent with instructions to user on what they need to do when the times come for them to do it.

The flow of ongoing conversation before booking in:

  • Trigger; Email is received from lead
  • Automation; update is added to lead item with email details
  • Trigger; SMS is received from lead
  • Automation; update is added to lead item with SMS details
  • Trigger; SMS is sent to lead
  • Automation; update is added to lead item with SMS details
  • Manual; Email is replied to lead email
  • Manual; Copy and paste response into lead items update column
  • Manual; updating item updates with any details from a call or from an in person tour

Things still to work on:

  • A link to a calendar booking system so leads can book tour times. This will save a back and forth conversation to find a good time for both parties. I plan on having this automated with @upitchika’s HTML email app and a status trigger to send the email with a link to a calendar system. Or maybe even just embed it into the email.
  • Shortening the process for the SMS updates. It only takes 10-12 seconds to update but it uses a lot of Zapier tasks and the upgraded package is significantly more expensive.
  • Having a booking form that leads can fill out to lock in the date. One that automatically is updated with the date, name etc details from their monday item when sending out to them. Also one that automatically updates the calendar on our dashboard when it comes back.

And that will keep me busy for a while.

And here is the links to separate topics where I explain in more detail how I achieved the automation’s:

If anyone has any questions feel free to post them below and I will answer them the best that I can.



Hi Elliot, thank you for sharing the progress of your implementation. This is inspiring.

I’m trying to implement the SMS from lead into an update for its corresponding Monday Item, but am unable to do so.
Would you mind sharing how to do it via zapier? I’m not even sure where to begin, and consider myself tech savvy (though not a coder) :grimacing:

Hey @Anderson,

Sorry for the delay on this. I finally got around to updating this and wrote another article on it with a link in this article.

Hope that helps! feel free to comment on that one if there is anything that you think needs a bit more details.



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