Monday as a CRM tool (Automating lead creation from own website OR third party website)

Hi Community,

I run a function space and I wanted to share how I am getting all my leads onto Monday Automatically.

The flow (own website):

  1. Trigger; Lead fills in enquiry form (Link to see what form looks like)
  2. Automation; WIX sends a webhook with the information to Zapier
  3. Zapier creates an item in my lead board on monday
  4. Zapier updates all of the columns
  5. Zapier updates all details as an update on the item

    Overall Zapier screeshot:

The flow (third party website):

  1. Trigger; Lead fills our enquiry on third party website
  2. Email is sent from that website to our email
  3. Email is auto forwarded to a zapier dedicated email
  4. Zapiers parse engine picks out the details and names them all for you
  5. Steps are same as above from step 3 on.

I also update a contact in my phone. I just used google contacts and synced all of my contacts. Then added to each step a part where a contact is created.
I made sure to put the date after the name of each contact so I know how old they are and some idea about when they want to book if they call me. Puts me on the front foot from an unexpected phonecall.
Here is the screen shot for that step.

There was quite a bit of trouble I had with JSON. I needed a load of filters and formatters etc to get it to work the way I wanted. So if anyone needs a bit more details of any step please let me know.

This is just part of the overall process from this topic: