Managing Workdays/Calendar days at the workspace level

Use Case: Need to be able to modify working days in individual workspaces -not the admin level

Request: Need to allow modifications to calendar/working days in workspaces

Pain Point: There are two teams in my organization. One team needs to be able to plan work over the weekends and the other does note. The team that does not is a has significant experience in Microsoft Project and this is a key feature used in MPP that we do not have in Monday. We need the ability to block off weekends and other holidays at the workspace level.

Impact: Major

Workaround: Currently we are building in durations and dependencies to help - but it is a very manual feature that takes significant time to update. Any other ideas for workarounds are appreciated

Hello @heather.charest,

You can now set non-working days at board level (which translates to workspace level) using the Date Check app. It works very similarly to Microsoft Project so your team will feel at home using it.

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