Migrate app data from monday item storage to a separate database

I am currently using the monday storage API to store data for an item-view app. I need to enable data sharing to a board-view as well as some other features so am looking to move to a relational database.

Currently, the only way I can see to migrate data from monday storage to the relational database would involve a user clicking into each item that they have data stored against and then waiting while a migration task runs. This is obviously not a great UX and also causes problems such as not having any idea when all data is migrated or preventing the possibility of partial migration if the user clicks of the item early.

I feel like I’m missing something, is there a better way to access item-view data for all items in an account when they upgrade a major version of an app?

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Hello there,

We are about to upload some documentation about this.

You can use the storage API in a global basis now in the app’s level (instead of only using it in the instance):


  • storage.getItem(key)
  • storage.setItem(key)
  • storage.deleteItem(key)


  • storage.instance.getItem(key)
  • storage.instance.setItem(key)
  • storage.instance.deleteItem(key)

That’s great to hear Matias, thank you!

Will there be a way to transfer data from the instance level storage to the global storage without requiring the user to click into every item that they have data stored in?

Hello again @BenWC,

There is no way to do it currently, and I do not have any information about this being possible in the future. That can change, but right now I do not see it in the roadmap.

Let me know if you have any other questions!