Import data into multiple columns of existing Boards

Hi Community,
We are new to and are evaluting the application for use in Real Estate Agent management.
Although the Monday front end appears to be highly customizable for your own business requirements (which is what attracted us to this product evaluation), ability to view/update/modify the backend database seems to be fairly limited to creation/import of initial Board tables.
How can we update/modify fields (columns) of the existing (after creation) underlying tables of Boards?
Can you use standard SQL database tools to update and modify the backend database tables after they have been created through the front end application.
Any enlightenement on this basic systems development requirement with would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You …
John Roberts

hi @johncrob
If you are referring to the backend monday database(s) there is now way to access them externally with SQL. There is a GraphQL API that let you do all kind of stuff. This is documented here There is also an API playground when you go to Avatar>Developers>Developer>API Playground. This requires some knowledge of the GraphQL framework. Is that what you are looking for?

Hi @basdebruin
At first glance the GraphQL API looks like it provide all the database functional requirements that we are looking for at this stage.
Thank you for your prompt reply and guidance.
Cheers, @johncrob