Auto update columns based on email

We have a tool that automatically send an email to the board in

The subject = Client name
Content = Product: Louis; Country: BRAZIL; Date Open: 10/09/2023; Name: John Doe; Link: Louis

A card is then created in the board. And the email content is then shown in the update.

The board has multiple columns i.e. Product, Country, Date, Name, URL link

What I want is that those columns are automatically updated based on the content in the update. In trello this was possible through complex automation and wildcard rules. I do not see a similar functionality in

Can someone please advise - or provide an alternative solution.

p.s. we receive over 500 emails per day. So updating the column values “manually” by checking the updates is not feasible.

Hey Louis,
that’s a pretty nifty setup you’ve got going with
i feel you, manually updating columns for 500+ emails a day would be a nightmare!
now does have automation features, but it’s true that wildcard rules and complex automations like in trello might not be readily available. however, there are a couple of ways you can go about this

  • Check if offers any custom automation options; you might be able to create custom actions that trigger when an email comes in, parsing the content and updating the relevant columns. It might require some setup, but it could be worth it

  • Look into third-party apps or services like Integromat, Zapier, or even custom scripts; these can help you bridge the gap between your email content and columns. i guess they’re pretty powerful and might provide the flexibility you need

  • and lastly, you could reach out to’s support

It’s all about finding the right tool or method that fits your workflow. Good luck



custom automation builder doesn’t have such capabilties

zapier etc are integration tools that aren’t approved for use

will try support

Bit disappointed that Monday’s automation doesnt provide more that Trello

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Hi @lchoi1984 and FYI @mmcarteeri Extract Updates is a marketplace apps that can help you with your goal to automatically update monday board columns based the content in the update..

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestion!