Migrating from ClickUp to Monday

Hello all,

I work with a team that is considering moving to Monday from ClickUp for our project management platform. I’m hoping you can help me understand the best way to migrate our data from ClickUp to monday.

Is there a way to use the monday API to pull all data in from ClickUp directly? I’m most concerned about minimizing the amount of data lost, so in addition to things like folder/board structure and all tasks/columns, I’m also hoping to be able to preserve things like:

  • Comments
  • Assignees
  • Change history
  • etc.

Any guidance or help here would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @ngossett - Welcome to the community and congrats on your choice to move to monday․com! When you want to do a full migration, you will get maximum flexibility and power to pull in everything by using Integromat. It can connect to APIs and then you can process the data however you need to get it into monday․com.

I’m not sure how well change history will transfer over, but things like assignees, comments, etc. should be very doable.

First things first, however, you’ll want to build your new processes and project structure in monday․com so you know where everything needs to go when it comes over from ClickUp.

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Hi @ngossett :wave:

Welcome to the Community!
We’re excited to have you join the monday.com family :smiley:

@PolishedGeek’s suggestion to use Integromat is definitely an option here!

If you’re looking to specifically use our API, then you might like to also check out this section of the Community that is dedicated to API questions - this is managed by our Developer Success team!

Another option could be to export your data from Clickup as an Excel/ CSV file, and then import it into monday.com using the import from Excel feature.
You can find steps on how to import from Excel here: Excel Import and Export

I can see that Clickup has some documentation on how to export to Excel from Clickup in the links below:

I wonder if this could be an option for you at all?

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :partying_face:


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